Leader of the Tomb Robbers


Age: 32

Born: 1194

Int: -3
Per: +3
Str: +1
Stm: +2
Pre: +1
Com: 0
Dex: +1
Qik: +1

Confidence Points: 3

Warrior (Minor, general): 50 points in martial abilities
Way of the desert (major, general)
Animal Ken (minor, supernatural)
Arcane Lore (minor, general) 50 points in arcane abilities)
keen vision (minor, general)
lightening reflexes (minor, general)
sharp ears (minor, general)
well-travelled (minor, general) 50 bonus experience

Outlaw Leader (minor, Status)
Difficult Underlings (Major, Story) (Pigol, Lucra, Bnoudi, and Badaba)
Lycanthrope (Major, supernatural)
Overconfident (Major, Personality)

Personality Traits

Overconfident +2
Proud +1
Gullible +3


Animal Ken 3 (7xp)
Area Lore (Nile Valley) 2
Area Lore (Luxor) 4
Athletics 3
Awareness 5 (2xp)
Bows 2
Brawl 2
Charm 2 (0xp)
Folk Ken 2
Guile 4
Language Arabic 2
Language Coptic 5
Language Greek 2
Magic Lore (Grave Goods) 4 (2xp)
Order Lore (Cult of Sekhmet) 1
Profession (Tomb Raiding) 3 (4xp)
Single Weapon 4
Stealth 3 (2xp)
Survival (Deserts) 3 (2xp)
Thrown Weapon 3

Future adjustments:

Add Animal Handling



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