Age: 29


Int: +2
Per: -1
Str: -2
Stm: 0
Pre: +1
Com: +5
Dex: +1
Qik: 0

Confidence Points: 1

Virtues and flaws

Strong Satyr Blood (Mjr): Aging starts at 50; -3 on Aging rolls; Second Sight; +1 to communication with sexually compatible characters. Can see in darkness and semi darkness. Obvious sign of heritage (horns)
Great Communication x2 (Min): Communication to 5
Enchanting Music (Min): gain supernatural skill
Venus Blessing (Min): +3 on communication and presence rolls with sexually compatible characters.
Good teacher (Min): +5 to Study totals; +3 to book quality
Inspirational (Min): can give +3 bonus to rolls for appropriate personality traits with stirring speech
Inoffensive to sexually compatible characters (Min):
Faerie Magic:

Tormenting Master (Maj) / Dependent (Major): Story Flaw
Study Requirement (Maj): Hermetic Flaw
Compassionate (Maj): Helps anyone wounded or in trouble.
Weird Magic (Min): Hermetic Flaw

Personality Traits

Obedient +1
Cautious +2
Merciful +3
Proud +3


Area Lore (CM) 1 Philosophiae 1 (2xp)
Area Lore (Luxor) 1 (3xp) Play (Flute) Busking 1 (6xp)
Artes Liberales Rhetoric 1 (4xp) Profession (Raconteur) 0 (1xp)
Athletics Climbing 2 (1xp) Profession (Scribe) 1 (0xp)
Awareness Plants 1 (2xp) Second Sight Faerie 2 (0xp)
Brawl 0 (1xp) Speak (Arabic) 1 (7xp)
Charm Seduction 2 (0xp) Speak (Coptic) 0 (2xp)
Craft (Cooking) Fish 1 Speak (German) 5
Craft (Gardening) Trees 1 (2xp) Speak (Greek) 0 (1xp)
Enchanting Music Teaching 2 (1xp) Speak (Latin) Composition 4 (12xp)
Faerie Lore Weaknesses 2 (0xp) Speak (Persian) 0 (2xp)
Faaerie Magic 1 (0xp) Speak (Polish) 0 (1xp)
Finesse 1 Speak (Rhaetian) 1
Folk Ken 1 (5xp) Speak (Russian) 0 (1xp)
Guile 0 (1xp) Speak (Venetian) 0 (1xp)
Hermes Lore 0 (3xp) Survival Forests 3 (4xp)
Magic Theory Herbam 3 (12xp) Swim Assisting 1 (2xp)
Parma Magica Teaching Parma 1 (9xp) Teaching Group Instruction 1 (0xp)
Penetration Herbam 2 (2xp)


Cr 5 (0xp) In 4 (0xp) Mu 9 (4xp) Pe 5 (0xp) Re 10 (4xp)
An 5 (0xp) Aq 5 (0xp) Au 3 (0xp) Co 8 (3xp) Ig 4 (3xp)
Im 2 (0xp) He 6 (3xp) Me 5 (0xp) Te 6 (0xp) Vi 5 (3xp)


2 pawns Aq
1 Pawns Vi


Sigil: Masculine Goat Smell.

The Laundress’ Clothesline (PeAq 4: App: 47)
Conjure the Sturdy Vine (CrHe 5: ArM5: 135)
Trap of the Entwining Vines (CrHe 15: ArM: 135)
Pass the Unyielding Portal (MuHe 5: ArM: 137)
Piercing Shaft of Wood (MuHe(Re) 10: ArM: 137)
Transformation of the Thorny Staff (MuHe 10: ArM: 137)
Rope of Bronze (MuHe(Te) 15: ArM5: 137)
Ward Against the Faeries of the Wood (ReHe 15: ArM: 138)
Dance of the Staves (ReHe 5: ArM: 138)
Repel the Wooden Shafts (ReHe 10: ArM: 138)
Skewering the Petulant Fae (Mu(Re)He(Te)20: ArM)


First Epistle to Philemon of Vderditius, or Thoughts on the Body inspired by the Temple at Karnak. by Achromion of Merinita (first Corpus Tractatus, Qualiity 14)
First Epistle to House Mercere, or On the Ancient City of Thebes in Modern Times (first Area Lore (Luxor) tractatus, Quality 14)

Future adjustments:

Add Bargain


A young lad from the village of Fucking in Austria with a talent for music.

Filius Despoena filia Amelia filia Merinita


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